Jagermeister Music Tour 2013 – Ghost and Gojira

Waking up, skint, on a cold, snowy Monday morning with a gig in another city to go to in the evening, is pretty demotivating to actually getting my ass in gear to get to the gig after work…

…but I did and it was worth every penny.

Gojira are a band that I had heard the name but not checked out before, a quick read of them on Wikipedia lead me to believe that they were ‘Groove Metal’ or ‘Technical Death Metal’ so what was it, could a band do both. Well, for me it wasn’t ‘Groove Metal’, but they were great, maybe not something I would listen to a regular basis, but some technically superb brutal metal. It is always good when your throat vibrates from the some pounding double bass action.


I have always had thing for bands that put on a show, such as KISS and Slipknot, Ghost are one of the bands. This isn’t so much of a gig, it’s more of a sermon, Papa Emeritus, the worship leader barely speaks to the crowd and moves about the stage like the high priest of metal, directing the crowd and leading a band of black robed monks.

For me, Ghost are a very relaxing and calming band to listen too, I think that makes me weird. They sing about human sacrifice and Satan…

Five Human Sacrifices out of Five.








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