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Jagermeister Music Tour 2013 – Ghost and Gojira

Waking up, skint, on a cold, snowy Monday morning with a gig in another city to go to in the evening, is pretty demotivating to actually getting my ass in gear to get to the gig after work…

…but I did and it was worth every penny.

Gojira are a band that I had heard the name but not checked out before, a quick read of them on Wikipedia lead me to believe that they were ‘Groove Metal’ or ‘Technical Death Metal’ so what was it, could a band do both. Well, for me it wasn’t ‘Groove Metal’, but they were great, maybe not something I would listen to a regular basis, but some technically superb brutal metal. It is always good when your throat vibrates from the some pounding double bass action.


I have always had thing for bands that put on a show, such as KISS and Slipknot, Ghost are one of the bands. This isn’t so much of a gig, it’s more of a sermon, Papa Emeritus, the worship leader barely speaks to the crowd and moves about the stage like the high priest of metal, directing the crowd and leading a band of black robed monks.

For me, Ghost are a very relaxing and calming band to listen too, I think that makes me weird. They sing about human sacrifice and Satan…

Five Human Sacrifices out of Five.








The Darkness Review

The Darkness – Manchester Apollo – 02/03/13

The Darkness three

On Saturday night I went to see a band who I have not seen for a long time, The Darkness, having been lucky enough to see them at there first gig as a signed band at The Cockpit many years ago and then numerous times at Leeds Festival, including the headlining show in 2004. It would be very interested to see what they are like since the fame, fortune and drugs took there toll on the band.

So after a spending a couple of hours in the pub at Manchester train station and taking a walk through a slightly dodgy area of Manchester, we got to my favourite sticky floored venue in the Apollo. I do like the Apollo overall, it has good sound and the sloping floor is great for gigs, but I have two major complaints, almost £4 for a can of beer, no draught, just a pint can of Carlsberg and Mick Hucknall is playing there, management sort it and cancel that gig.



We manage to catch about half of Ginger Wildheart’s set and I have seen him in various versions of this band and honestly, he just keeps getting worse. I do like some of The Wildhearts stuff and have seen great shows from him, but the last few times have just seemed dire.

Anyway, The Darkness stuck mainly to the first and new third album, wisely playing only one song of the disappointing second album, the fantastic ‘One Way Ticket’ and while, personally I would have loved to have heard the ridiculous ‘Knockers’ it was a solid set.

The Darkness 4

Opening with ‘Every Inch Of You’ and leading into ‘Black Shuck’ it was very energetic start, that only dropped off when a few of the new ones played, in particularly ‘Concrete’ and ‘How Dare You Call This Love?’ All the old classics were there and finished the main set with ‘I Believe in A thing called Love’, which had followed a rollocking ‘Givin’ Up’ and ‘Stuck In A Rut’ was a great to finish on a sing-along.

The encore floundered a bit with new one ‘The Best Of Me’, but picked up with there cover of ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ and an extended version of ‘Love On The Rocks With No Ice’ with Justin Hawkins is doing his traditional guitar solo through the crowd.

The Darkness are a great live band and are best in a venue like this, without any stupid flying tigers. The new album is far better than the second one and goes back them being a pop rock band with AC/DC style riffs, which is what they are best at. They will never reach the heights that caused the split, but hopefully with a another solid album or two, they can keep being an enjoyable, fun rock band that excels in the live arena. And Frankie Poullain is still cool as fuck…

Four Spandex Jumpsuits Out Of Five.

The Darkness 1

The Darkness three


Every Inch of You
Black Shuck
Growing on Me
She Just a Girl, Eddie
One Way Ticket
Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us
Get Your Hands Off My Woman
Love Is Only a Feeling
Friday Night
How Dare You Call This Love?
Givin’ Up
Stuck in a Rut
I Believe in a Thing Called Love


The Best of Me
Street Spirit (Fade Out)  (Radiohead cover)
Love on the Rocks with No Ice

Valentines Day

So it is Valentines Day and to celebrate it correctly I thought it would talk about this man…


…Valentine McKee

You probably recognise Val (that’s what his friends call him) from 1990 horror comedy, Tremors and is he played by star of the EE commercials  Kevin Bacon. Tremors, along with the Evil Dead series, is a film that I watched pretty much religiously during my mid-teens, I thought I would share with you my favourite Val moments, in no particular order.


What the hell…

‘What the hell, I mean what the hell is going on?’ – Val wants answers, which I would too after finding a field of slaughtered sheep and Old Fred’s dismembered head.


Angry man.

‘Cold my ass, he’s dead. We killed it. We killed it! FFUUCCKK YOU!’ – Val has now found out what is killing people and is angry about the Graboid destroying his and Earl’s excellent fence work.


He hit Tammy Lynn Baxter too, but with his penis.

After pole vaulting their way to Ronda’s shitty red pick up, Val connects with a mean right hook on one the snake tongue things, this disorients the Graboid long enough for them to escape.


I make this look good.

‘Roger that Burt, and congratulations. Be advised, however, that there are two more, repeat, two more motherhumpers.’ – After Burt and Heather unleash various weapons into a Graboid’s face, including a flare, Val and Burt get scientific, whilst looking dashing.


He does love it when a goddamn plan comes together.

‘I’ve got a goddamn plan!’ – Val uses his brain and saves the day, but forgets his lighter. He does end up getting the girl. A perfect ending to this Valentines Day special.



Ginger Orcs and White Snakes.

So… hello and welcome to my blog. I am sure that literally millions are wondering what the hell is this blog is going to be about, probably the entire population of China. They are going to be so into this, I can tell.

So to answer that important ‘What is this going to be about?’ question. Well unlike Hannibal (the A-team one) I do not always have a plan, but like Mr T I have released a Christian anti drug rap album. Ok so anyway I don’t really have a plan for these blog other than to write about things that interest me, which is mostly biketrials, b-movies, rock n roll music, retro games and sci-fi related nonsense.

First off I would like to give a little bit of love to one my favourite bands, no not Whitesnake (Whitesnake aren’t one of my favourite bands despite David Coverdale’s silky vocals and ‘Still of the night’ being fucking awesome) no it’s Orange Goblin.

Sadly, for me, I only got into the Goblin in the last few years, I had always heard of the name, but never have given them a proper listen. They are just a straight up no nonsense dirty rock n roll band, with a stoner edge and that is exactly up my street. All the albums are good, but my personal favourites are ‘Thieving from the House of God’ and ‘The Big Black’.

Last week, a couple of friends and I took a Vodka and Beer fuelled trip to Sheffield Corporation to see the mighty Orange Goblin. I would really really like to go into an in depth review of this gig, but like I said it was a Vodka and Beer fuelled night, so here is a photo.


Now, go buy some beer, switch Orange Goblin up loud and enjoy some good rock n roll music.