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Valentines Day

So it is Valentines Day and to celebrate it correctly I thought it would talk about this man…


…Valentine McKee

You probably recognise Val (that’s what his friends call him) from 1990 horror comedy, Tremors and is he played by star of the EE commercials  Kevin Bacon. Tremors, along with the Evil Dead series, is a film that I watched pretty much religiously during my mid-teens, I thought I would share with you my favourite Val moments, in no particular order.


What the hell…

‘What the hell, I mean what the hell is going on?’ – Val wants answers, which I would too after finding a field of slaughtered sheep and Old Fred’s dismembered head.


Angry man.

‘Cold my ass, he’s dead. We killed it. We killed it! FFUUCCKK YOU!’ – Val has now found out what is killing people and is angry about the Graboid destroying his and Earl’s excellent fence work.


He hit Tammy Lynn Baxter too, but with his penis.

After pole vaulting their way to Ronda’s shitty red pick up, Val connects with a mean right hook on one the snake tongue things, this disorients the Graboid long enough for them to escape.


I make this look good.

‘Roger that Burt, and congratulations. Be advised, however, that there are two more, repeat, two more motherhumpers.’ – After Burt and Heather unleash various weapons into a Graboid’s face, including a flare, Val and Burt get scientific, whilst looking dashing.


He does love it when a goddamn plan comes together.

‘I’ve got a goddamn plan!’ – Val uses his brain and saves the day, but forgets his lighter. He does end up getting the girl. A perfect ending to this Valentines Day special.