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Ginger Orcs and White Snakes.

So… hello and welcome to my blog. I am sure that literally millions are wondering what the hell is this blog is going to be about, probably the entire population of China. They are going to be so into this, I can tell.

So to answer that important ‘What is this going to be about?’ question. Well unlike Hannibal (the A-team one) I do not always have a plan, but like Mr T I have released a Christian anti drug rap album. Ok so anyway I don’t really have a plan for these blog other than to write about things that interest me, which is mostly biketrials, b-movies, rock n roll music, retro games and sci-fi related nonsense.

First off I would like to give a little bit of love to one my favourite bands, no not Whitesnake (Whitesnake aren’t one of my favourite bands despite David Coverdale’s silky vocals and ‘Still of the night’ being fucking awesome) no it’s Orange Goblin.

Sadly, for me, I only got into the Goblin in the last few years, I had always heard of the name, but never have given them a proper listen. They are just a straight up no nonsense dirty rock n roll band, with a stoner edge and that is exactly up my street. All the albums are good, but my personal favourites are ‘Thieving from the House of God’ and ‘The Big Black’.

Last week, a couple of friends and I took a Vodka and Beer fuelled trip to Sheffield Corporation to see the mighty Orange Goblin. I would really really like to go into an in depth review of this gig, but like I said it was a Vodka and Beer fuelled night, so here is a photo.


Now, go buy some beer, switch Orange Goblin up loud and enjoy some good rock n roll music.